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Top 15 Famous Foods in Xi'an


Xi’an, a city that has experienced the rise and fall of 13 dynasties, reveals its history, whether it is the Terracotta Warriors, one of the Eight Wonders of the World, or the city walls, which have undergone a lot of changes.
Walking through the streets and alleys of Xi’an, you will feel like you are walking through an ancient museum. At the same time, Xi’an is a culinary paradise with countless cuisines!
Famous Foods in Xi'an
Therefore, when you come to Xi’an, you must taste the local specialties of Xi’an, so that your journey will not leave any regret…
In this article, Zhuo Ma summarizes the top 15 famous cuisines in Xi’an for you, take a look!

1. Meat sandwich bun

For the Xi’an locals, getting up early in the morning to eat breakfast must be ordered naturally to let the stall boss first to a bowl of paste spicy soup, then order a meat sandwich bun, which is the most perfect and hearty breakfast in the eyes of the authentic Xi’an people.
For Xi’an people, the meat bun is not only a kind of food, meat bun is a kind of complex, eaten with the taste of the city’s history, but also with the familiar taste of childhood.
meat sandwich bun
Although the meat sandwich bun may seem normal, pay attention to the posture of eating the bun, and the correct way to eat, to make the meat sandwich bun with lips and teeth. In an authentic eating meat sandwich bun take the bun horizontally, from both sides to eat first, can let the meat juice fully immersed in the bun, and do not let the meat juice outflow. If you also come to Xi’an, must remember to taste oh.

2. Shaanxi Liangpi

The reason why the cold skin and meat bun together, is because they are the best partner. Eat a meat sandwich bun is not enough, eat two meat sandwich buns and are a little tired, then come to the bowl of cold skin it!
Cold skin also originated in the Guanzhong region of Shaanxi Province and belongs to Han Chinese traditional cuisine, especially popular in the northern region. There are many kinds of cold skin, including rice skin, noodle skin, stuffed skin, “tendon”, “thin”, “fine”, and “Rang “the biggest characteristic of cold skin, is the taste of sour, fresh and spicy, arbitrary mix. Some people feel that cold skin is the summer eating, which is wrong, all year round is the season of cold skin, winter if you feel a little cold to eat cold skin, can be replaced with a hot soup mix, which is also a good product on the table.

3. Lamb bun

Mutton bubble bun when also called mutton bubble, boiled bun, mainly by mutton, fan, and pancake composition. In ancient times, the mutton bun is a tribute to the emperor, also known as “mutton soup”.
Nowadays, it has evolved into a universal food available to all.
Lamb Meat Buns
Lamb buns are served all over Shaanxi, but the most famous one is Xi’an. The delicious lamb bun is particularly technically demanding, not only the pork process should be careful, but even the bun technique is also careful, the bun to break the smaller the better, to be more flavorful. The bun tendons are smooth, meat soup is thick, delicious, and warm stomach function, let people after eating endless aftertaste.

4. Hulu to bubble bun

Gourd head steamed bun is a uniquely traditional flavor snack in Xi’an. The mellow soup is soaked in a bun, and the special fatty sausage inside is perfectly blended together, so it’s especially aromatic!
Hulutou bubble bun
Xi’an gourd head steamed bun is similar to beef and mutton steamed bun, and the soup is fragrant and delicious, and the stir-fry is also unique. For such food is let people have to love!

5. Meatball and spicy soup

Meatballs and spicy soup, also known as eight treasure soup, is a famous local snack in Xi’an. It is different from the simple spicy soup in Henan, meatball spicy soup can also be called vegetable beef ball soup, its raw materials mainly have beef, potatoes, and lotus white, which can also be put into carrots, celery, and so on.
Meatball and spicy soup
The meatball and spicy soup are the most delicious in the winter morning, even if the wind is cold, drinking a bowl of spicy soup, you will feel a warm flow down the whole body. Before eating, you can also pour spicy oil, with a pot helmet, and a beautiful breakfast will begin!

6. Bashful Noodles

The focus of bashful noodles is not the noodles, but the soup, which is the soul of bashful noodles.
Xi’an bashful noodles are one of the special traditional noodle dishes in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province, China, and are a famous Western snack, which is popular in the Guanzhong plain of Shaanxi and Longdong in Gansu.
Bashful Noodles
The dish has a long history and contains side dishes such as tofu and eggs, and is simple to make. Bile means diced meat. For Shaanxi people, the color scheme of bashful noodles is especially important, with ingredients such as yellow egg skin, black fungus, red carrots, green garlic, and white tofu, which are both beautiful and delicious.
Xi’an bashful noodles have a long history and great taste, so be sure to try them yourself when you get a chance!

7. Pot Helmet

The pot helmet is one of the eight monsters in Shaanxi.
The pot helmet is like a pot lid, this is the most realistic description of the pot helmet, pot helmet is large in diameter two feet outside, round and thick, just like a pot lid in general. Although the pot helmet looks thick, the entrance inside is crispy outside crispy, with the aroma overflowing, there is “the same car different seat, not to see its bun, it will smell its taste” said, the so visible pot helmet of fragrance.
Pot Helmet
In the ancient war period, they use the pot helmet as dry food, easy to store, dry and hard and chewy, break open a little bit to eat, is chewing more and more. Continued to this day, has become a famous snack in China!

8. Jian Dumpling

It is said that Xi’an is the world of noodles, if you don’t like dry and hard noodles, then try this soup dumpling!
Jia San Soup Dumpling is one of the most famous snacks in Xi’an. When you come to Xi’an, you have to try the most authentic halal soup dumplings that everyone praises.
Jiasan Dumpling
Jia San dumplings are halal food, usually filled with beef or lamb, especially beef dumplings are the most popular. The hot buns are like thin greaseproof paper, which can be broken.
When you eat it, you must not rush, first cool it, then dip it in the sauce and send it into your mouth with the soup, the soup is fresh and tender, a bite down, the soup overflowing from the bun will either burn your tongue or splash your face full of flowers.

9. Gourd Chicken

As a classic dish in Xi’an, gourd chicken is very popular in the region and can be said to have a very good reputation.
It is said that this dish was invented in the Tang Dynasty and was named Gourd Chicken by later generations because the body of the chicken was made to resemble a gourd.
Gourd Chicken
Gourd chicken is a traditional Xi’an dish that is cooked, steamed, and fried in three stages. The chicken body must be intact when it is done, and when it is gently shaken, the bones are separated from the flesh, and it is crispy outside and tender inside.

10. biangbiang noodles

Biangbiang noodles are a special noodle dish in Guanzhong, named after the sound of biangbiang when the noodles are stretched by hand and hit the board. The noodles are as wide as a trouser belt, and the noodles are topped with green onions and chili pepper noodles, and then poured with hot oil, forcing the fragrance to permeate the whole room.
biangbiang noodles
So, come to Xi’an biangbiang noodles must taste, eat the mouth feeling full of happiness.

11. Small crispy pork

Xi’an is small crispy pork, different from Sichuan style small crispy pork, but to be fried first and then steamed, the oily beef with soup and meat together into a large bowl, pour a spoonful of spices, with a bottle of ice, the boldness of eating meat in a big mouth embodied the best.
Small crispy pork
I patronize it once or twice every time I visit Xi’an, but never with rice, it is an enamel bowl of small crispy pork with a bottle of Bing Feng, which I think is a perfect match.

12. Waxed beef and mutton

Xi’an waxed beef and mutton are one of the main specialties suitable for taking home in Xi’an.
You can buy some to take home and give to friends, which is a very good gift!
Waxed beef and mutton

13. Waterpot lamb

Xi’an waterpot lamb is a famous Xi’an cuisine. In the local area, it has another name “June Fresh”, which is said to be evolved from the “lamb soup” in the Shang and Zhou dynasties, and has a long history.
Waterpot lamb
When Shaanxi people eat mutton, they mostly eat it with baklava or Baiji bun, accompanied by sugar and garlic, spicy sauce, etc. They can soak the bun in the soup, or eat a bite of the bun and drink the soup.

14. Lamb blood in vermicelli soup

As a specialty of Xi’an, sheep’s blood in vermicelli soup is nutritious and loved by local people. The main ingredient of sheep’s blood in vermicelli soup is sheep’s blood, which is cut up and blanched in a pot together with vermicelli and then added to the soul sauce.
Lamb blood in vermicelli soup
The bun is eaten alone with a strong noodle flavor, breaks it into small pieces, and put into the vermicelli soup with lamb’s blood inside for a soak, instantly the bun absorbs the soup vermicelli soup lamb’s blood and feels rich in taste of a sudden. Finally, add a little sesame oil and minced green onion, eat a bite is simply enjoyable, the mixture of fans and sheep’s blood is simply natural, let people eat and want to eat.

15. Cauldron Cake

Cauldron cake is a special traditional snack of Xi’an and Guanzhong region, made of authentic glutinous rice, red dates, honey dates, red beans, and other ingredients, steamed by the iron retort.
Cauldron Cake
It has a unique flavor, and a bite of it makes the taste of it endless.


Just like its history, Xi’an’s food has long been famous. In addition to these famous delicacies, those hidden in the market are also nostalgic.
There are still many delicious things waiting for us to discover… Xi’an, you are welcome!

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