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Top 12 tourist attractions in Hebei


If you look at China, only Hebei Province has all the landforms, deep roach valleys, peaks and valleys, vast grasslands… All the beautiful scenery you want to see is available here!
Everything in Hebei is fascinating and haunting.
In Hebei, there are many recommended tourist destinations, in this article, Dolma will recommend 12 of the most beautiful spots in Hebei, come to know it!

Grassland Sky Road

One of the most beautiful roads in China by car
This is a road connecting Zhangbei and Chongli, 132.7 km long, along the way there are villages, forests, gullies, grasslands, the beauty of a mess.
This stunning highway stretches for a hundred miles, wandering around twists and turns, dramatic ups and downs, quiet and far-reaching, blue sky and white clouds echo it, self-driving between them as if walking in the clouds.
Grassland Skyway
The endless grasslands are studded with crisscrossing rivers, and herds of horses are feeding at the riverside.
The area has pure countryside, ancient historical relics, and mountains and lakes that have maintained their appearance for thousands of years.
Location: The junction of Zhangbei County and Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City

Sehangba National Forest Park

Grassland style, a paradise for summer recreation and vacation
It is the largest forest park in northern China with a cool climate and is known as “the source of water, the home of clouds, the world of flowers, the ocean of forests, and the paradise of leisure and vacation.Paradise”.Here horseback riding, rafting, roast sheep, horse milk wine, yurt, endless grassland style, Very comfortable!
Sehangba National Forest Park
The scenic area has a seven-star lake, sun lake, Taifeng lake, birch forest, moon lake, and other large attractions and a the number of small attractions, natural scenery, and humanistic relics in one, is wonderful!
Location: Damshang area of Chengde City, Hebei Province

Fengning Damshang

Horse galloping, the king of leisure experience
It’s no secret that the beauty of the Damshang. The endless grasslands, white sheep, running horses, and long Mongolian tunes are all is beautiful here, as are the mountains, water, grass, and trees.
In summer, the temperature here is generally only 24 ℃, very comfortable, galloping horses in this beautiful grassland, dripping with pleasure!
Fengning Damshang
The beauty of Damshang is no secret, the spirit of heaven and earth may be more important than the existence of the landscape, you can trace the group of running horses, quiet cattle, and sheep, as well as the haunting smoke of cooking.Bring your camera, smell the dew, welcome the sun, and let yourself overlap with a hint of the scenery.
Location: Datan Town, northwest of Fengning County, northern Hebei Province

Baishi Mountain

Unique Dalyan peak forest landform
Baishi Mountain is the northernmost part of the 800-mile Taihang Mountains, with steep mountains, strange peaks, strange rocks, dense vegetation, waterfalls, and springs, and is an outstanding representative of the strange and dangerous mountain landscape in China.
Here is the longest and highest glass walkway in China, known as the “Sky Road”, standing on the road, 10,000 feet under the cliff, the surprise, and the excitement, the view is also incomparably spectacular.
Baishi Mountain
With the hustle and bustle of the world, if you can embrace a landscape, you can sit in the old-time, why not go to Baishi Mountain, not for other reasons, just to feel its natural beauty.
Location: Taiyuan County, Baoding City, Hebei Province

Roach Rock

Roach Rock Natural Scenic Spot is located in the southwest of Zanhuang County, 100 kilometers southwest of Shijiazhuang The city, where strange rocks stand, deep caves, and beautiful scenery, is a natural scenery excellent tourist mecca.It is a sacred place of natural beauty.
And here is the world’s most giant natural echo wall, Roach Rock, the world’s most giant natural echo wall Roach Rock, known for the Dan cliffs, blue ridge, strange peaks, valley, with the world’s largest echo wall, has It has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.
Roach Rock
Here is also known as “the first drift in Jiangbei” Zanhuang County Roach Rock Canyon rafting, it is worth a visit because of its long river, large drops, sufficient water, and beautiful scenery.
Location: Hanging Pear Gorge, Ma Roach Line, Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

Yunmeng Mountain

Yunmeng Mountain is known as the “Northern Jiuzhaigou
Yunmeng scenery is a kind of artistic, pleasant, and wonderful feeling, and is the best place for sightseeing in autumn, when the felling starts in autumn and the leaves of the relics change color in autumn; tourists visiting the local scenery usually feels relaxed and relaxed.
Yunmeng Mountain
Visitors who visit the local scenery usually feel relaxed, at ease, and comfortable.
Yunmeng Mountain is a rare tourist sanctuary where mountains, water, valleys, and caves are all as beautiful as a painting as far as the eye can see.
In summer, the most representative one is the Bailong Stream, which is known as the “Taihang Water World” and “Jiuzhaigou in the North” with its waterfalls and murmurs.
Location: Shibanfang Village, Xingtai County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province

Jiulong Gorge

Jiulong Gorge Scenic Area is located on the west side of Xingtai County, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, and is a natural scenic area with canyon scenery and peculiar landforms.
You can come here to hike and stroll and enjoy the geomorphic scenery and stream waterfalls.
Jiulong Gorge
Jiulong Gorge, with its beautiful mountains and clear water, is known as “the first scenic spot in Yanzhao”. The climate is cool and pleasant in summer, with high mountain waterfalls, gushing springs, and a cool and quiet gorge.
The Nine Dragons Gorge is famous for its beautiful peaks, majestic and handsome scenery, and the beautiful natural the scenery is like a natural gallery.
Location: Pulpit Town, Xingtai County, Hebei Province

Wolf Tooth Mountain

Wolf Tooth Mountain is named after the shape of the mountain peak like sharp wolf’s teeth, and the cloudy mist is a the common image here is like a dream and attracts many photographers to chase after it.
On Wolf Tooth Mountain, there was a story of five soldiers who fought against the Japanese invaders in blood, and here you can feel the “magnificent mountain and river” of the 5 brave men.
Wolf Tooth Mountain
Wolf Tooth Mountain is a famous mountain with great danger and beautiful scenery. As early as 2,000 years ago, during the Warring States period, “Wolf Tooth Competing Show” was one of the ten scenic spots of the State of Yan at that time.
Nowadays, it is not only a provincial patriotism education base but also a national forest park. As a tourist attraction, it is of high quality.
Location: Wolf Tooth Mountain Scenic Area, Yi County, Baoding City, Hebei Province


There is no heat in summer and no cold in winter. The sea water is clean, the sand is fine, and the cool sea breeze penetrates the skin, bringing a summer coolness.
I don’t know when Beidaihe has become a summer garden for the surrounding cities, the fresh air is refreshing, and it is a resort for healing and relaxation.
Beidaihe is an excellent natural seawater bathing area with a long coast, soft sand and flat tide, and a beautiful environment by the mountains and the sea. There are dense and flourishing jungles, quiet and beautiful wetlands, simply It is a paradise.
Location: The western part of Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province

Jade Island

The island is known as the “Great Desert of Beijing East” with its rolling sand hills and beautiful shapes, with the the highest point reaching 44 meters.
Jade Island is a magical place, half seawater, half desert, not only can enjoy the beautiful sea view but also can enjoy the desert scenery is the place between water and fire.It is a peninsula made of fine golden sand, with rolling sand hills and beautiful shapes, known as the “Great Desert of Beijing East”, which is a perfect choice for summer.
Jade Island
In addition to viewing the ocean scenery, you can also enjoy sand skiing, space ball rolling, swimming, fishing, flying parachute, beach volleyball, bonfire, and other projects.
Location: South of Changli Gold Coast, Qinhuangdao City, Hebei Province

Wuhua Meadow

The most beautiful sea of flowers on the dam Five Flower Meadow is the most beautiful and charming original meadow of Xilin Gol league grassland,moreover, it isknown as “the first meadow in the west of Beijing” and “the most beautiful flower sea on the dam”.The most beautiful flowers here are endless, and the high concentration of colors is the main theme of the summer season of the five flower meadow.
Wuhua Meadow
Five Flower Meadow has unique regional characteristics and group culture, inheriting the nobility and mystery given by history and her customs are as colorful as its natural scenery.
Location: South of Guyuan County, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province

Chengde Summer Resort

Chengde summer resort is a good place for the emperor of the Qing Dynasty to deal with government affairs, and summer vacation. It was built 89 years after the 42nd year of Kangxi, and is now a 5A tourist attraction in China, and is listed in the World Heritage List.
Chengde Summer Resort
The Chengde Summer Resort is a park that combines famous scenic spots from all over China, where you can not only learn about the profound garden art, but also taste the rich historical and cultural heritage.
Location: Chengde City, Hebei

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Author: Travel Blogger Dolma

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