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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Qinghai


Poetry and faraway places are always on the way. When you come to Qinghai, I believe the beautiful scenery here will make you forget to return.
Not only that, but with the boldness and simplicity of the northwest people, here you can also experience a different human landscape.
In this article, Dolma summarized the 10 most beautiful tourist attractions in Qinghai for you to share with your friends who need them, thanks!

Chaika Salt Lake

Chacha Salt Lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, and the calm surface of the lake is like a mirror, reflecting the beautiful and intoxicating sky view, known as “China’s mirror of the sky”.
Chaika Salt Lake
On a sunny afternoon, you a red dress, standing on the shallow surface of the lake, and the water waves elongated the reflection. On the other side of the water, the dust looks like a bright mirror, and in the distance are blue sky and white clouds and dreamy snow-capped mountains, hence the reputation of “Mirror of the Sky”.
Autumn water together with a long sky, the Iman, and the shadow reflect I believe that we all see such beautiful photos, will be moved, dreaming of one day, and also stand here to leave a beautiful moment.

Jade Lake

Emerald Lake is located in China - Qinghai, also known as Water Cui Lake, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau was once part of the ocean, after a long period of crustal movement, this piece of ground raised into the world’s largest plateau, the result of the seawater left in some low-lying areas to form several salt lakes and ponds, Emerald Lake is one of them.
Jade Lake
If God ever shed a tear, then this tear must be Dachaidan Emerald Lake.
Qinghai Lake, the largest inland lake in China, never has anything to do with the seasons. It is always like the clarity of God’s eye, the blue waves of the lake reflecting the blue sky and white clouds, the green shade around the lake shore like a carpet, flowers of all colors are blooming, very beautiful.

Qinghai Lake Scenic Area

In the beautiful Qinghai Lake, the dazzling sunlight is scattered through the clouds into the lake, and the azure sky appears with seagulls flying with their wings, looking for food everywhere. At this time of the year, the wind and waves of Qinghai Lake are calm, and even the sound of waves is extraordinarily light as if it is still immersed in sleep. Standing by the lake and looking far away, the beautiful blue water of Qinghai Lake seems to be connected with the sky.
Qinghai Lake
On the surface of the lake, flocks of seagulls were flying. Some of them are flying high on the lake, some are dragonflies on the lake, some are whispering on the lake, and some are fishing on the lake with great interest… A seagull became a happy note on the lake.
The beautiful Qinghai Lake is full of blue, flawless, transparent, pure, and quiet, enough to melt their color, which is the only natural to give Qinghai Lake charming color.

German poplar forest

Life is not just like the first sight, Golmud is this place for the first time to come here partners, not just stay in the moment of first sight, because this is the place that will make people have come once want to come to the second idea.
Qinghai Golmud Poplar Forest is the highest poplar forest in the world, Golmud Poplar Forest, the only one in Qinghai, is also the highest poplar forest in the world.
German poplar forest
It is one of the four most famous popular forests in China. If you come here in autumn, I believe you will not regret it, the rows of golden leaves of poplar forest make people feel a refreshing feeling when they look at it, with the dry riverbed not far away, a photo mecca just came out.

Kambura National Forest Park

Kambura National Forest Park is located in Jianzha County, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, and is known for its unique Danxia landform, which is a valuable tourism resource “unique to me” in Huangnan Prefecture.
Top 10 tourist attractions in Qinghai
At the same time, it is also a sacred place of Tibetan Buddhism with rich cultural connotations, where manifest, secret, monk, and nun sects coexist. It is an ideal destination for tourism, pilgrimage, sightseeing, vacation, camping, scientific research, and ecological tourism, combining natural and humanistic landscapes.

Ami Dongsuo Scenic Area

As a national 5A-level tourist attraction, Amidongsuo towers over the mountains, with snow accumulating on the peak of the northern slope all year round, exposed bedrock and jagged rocks all around, and a dense forest of Qinghai spruce growing in the middle of the slope, and a majestic and lush forest.
Top 10 Attractions in Qinghai
Amidongsuo mountain total meaning “the god of the mountains”, “the town of the mountain”, located 2 km southeast of the county, the Tibetans respect it as the god of the mountains of Qilian, as the symbol of Qilian, towering, a mountain all the four seasons of the scene.
Sitting in the scenic area of the plateau pasture, grassland flower experience base, forest camping experience base, bonsai bay, viewing platform, prayer platform, etc. 6 major landscapes, is an excellent original ecological plateau valley experience destination.

Tal Monastery in Xining

Tal Monastery is the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa school. It is a pity not to go to Tar Temple in Qinghai, and it is another pity to come to Tar Temple but not to see it.
I was quite uncomfortable with the crowded tour guide scene at Tar Temple. The commercialized atmosphere made me miss the openness of Labrang Monastery. I don’t need to write much about the architecture, history, and achievements of the temple. The one thing that I can still recall is the Bodhi tree, which the world loves so much that even a leaf that falls on the ground has to be carefully hidden.
Tal Monastery in Xining
Here, I came many times, indeed, with a lot of memories, but also with, I step by step deep, and slowly precipitate.
Turning mountains to the sea, we will eventually let go of the past, in the crowd, and wait for the next person who has a destiny.

Guide National Geopark

In late autumn, GuiDe County in Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province is in full autumn, GuiDe National Geopark’s Danxia landforms appear more gorgeous and colorful under the autumn colors, forming a unique painting.
Guide National Geopark
Guide National Geopark is a comprehensive geopark with a natural geomorphic landscape and geological relics as its main features, supplemented by diverse ecological landscapes and rich humanistic landscapes.
The park is colorful, beautiful, and magnificent; the wind-eroded landforms of Mawu Gorge are ghostly and endless; the landscape of the Yellow River is beautiful, like a flower; the valley of Longyang Gorge is steep and treacherous, majestic.

Zhuoer Mountain

Although Zhuoer Mountain is not as shocking as the Danxia landform in Zhangye, the characteristics of the Danxia landform are already very obvious, with the broken slope of the cliff showing Danxia red, as thick as a dye. In the distance, the mountains are continuous, the snowy peaks are connected; near the dense spruce, the mountains are winding; under the feet of the grass is lush, shallow water winding.
Zhuoer Mountain
The scenery of Zhuoer Mountain is a blend of the beauty of the southern mountains and the magnificence of the northern mountains. The road leading to the scenic spot of Zhuoer Mountain is built relatively flat, and in early autumn, the rape and wheat on both sides of the road are interspersed, like a large yellow and green velvet carpet laid on the ground, the wind-blowing the carpet, layers of undulation, making the scenery of Zhuoer Mountain appear more colorful.

Chaerhan Salt Lake

Compared with the transparent and pure Chaka Salt Lake, the Charkhan Salt Lake is more colorful and dreamy: up close it is various levels of green, green with yellow, and from afar it is transparent blue and pure white intertwined.
Walking in it, is like being in a fairyland, no wonder some people say it is the “mirror of dreams”.
Chaerhan Salt Lake
Although the Charkhan Salt Lake is not as famous as the Chaka Salt Lake, because of this, it is less disturbed, the natural scenery, beautiful as a fairyland, emits a hidden charm, attracting every visitor.
The vast surface of Charkhan Salt Lake is like a huge mirror, reflecting everything on earth.
Its daily changing light and shadows are wonderfully surprising!
It sometimes disguises itself as a turquoise sea and makes you want to jump in for a dip.

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