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The 10 most beautiful highways in China


If you don’t go out, you will never know how beautiful the scenery is in faraway places!
If you have not been brave once, you will never know that travel can also give you a lot of surprises!
If… On a certain day, when the time and opportunity are just right, don’t miss these amazing, dangerous, fantastic, and magnificent highways below!

1. Dukku Highway

In the middle of the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, there is a landscaped avenue that spans the spine of the Trans-Tianshan Mountains. Doku Highway is not only a major north-south transportation route but also a landscaped avenue.
It crosses the Tianshan Mountains, all the way winding, all the way treacherous, all the way stunning; it condenses too much human spirit and natural connotation, tens of thousands of people through the hardships of ten years to build, it brings together all the stunning Xinjiang beauty.
Dukku Highway
Half of the road is in the deep mountains and canyons, along the route there are deserts, Gobi, red layer, lakes, glaciers, grasslands, and so on successively, hundreds of kilometers will concentrate the essence of all kinds of landscape in Xinjiang.

2. Ganging Line

In the beautiful Qinghai, there is such a road. The yellow sand is boundless, the vast Gobi continuous.
It is not as general as the National Highway 318 by thousands of car enthusiasts donkeys praise worship, but also not like the Duku Highway has a super popular in the jungle.
National Highway 315 can even be said to reveal some desolate atmosphere. It is a lonely “wanderer”
When you cross the Qaidam uninhabited area, the scenery on the highway is comparable to U.S. Route 66.
Plateaus, lakes, snow-capped mountains, Gobi, showing silence, loneliness, vast, desolate, majestic atmosphere, endless yellow sand, the vast Gobi continuous.
Ganqing Line
It is known as one of the most suitable driving distances in China, just the Qinghai line section has a lot of national scenery, such as Qinghai Lake, Dachaidan Emerald Lake, Netflix U-shaped highway, Dongtai Genel Lake, water Yadan, Mars Camp, Mangya “Devil’s Eye” Aiken Spring and so on.
G315 extends east-west along the Kunlun Mountains, passing through Hotan and Milan ruins, crossing the Lop Nor Wild Camel Nature Reserve, over the Aljinshan, one of the four uninhabited areas in China, crossing the Qaidam Basin, and bypassing the Qinghai Lake.

3. Sichuan-Tibet Highway

National Highway 318 is called the Chinese people’s landscape road by the Chinese National Geographic, and the most essential part of the Chinese people’s landscape road belongs to this section of the Sichuan-Tibet Road.
Sichuan-Tibet Highway
This road is beautiful, varied, complicated, and treacherous, from a few hundred meters above sea level to more than 5,000 meters above sea level, going over 14 high mountains such as Erlang Mountain, Zheduo Mountain, and Sedgera Mountain, and crossing raging and turbulent rivers such as Dadu River, Jinsha River, Lancang River, and Nujiang River.
On the way, there are snowy mountains and grasslands, forests and glaciers, as well as canyons and rocky forests and rivers, and there is countless beautiful scenery.

4. Tarim Desert Highway

Tarim Desert Highway, also called Taklamakan Desert Highway, is more than 500 kilometers long, and it is the longest highway built in the flowing desert in the world.
Tarim Desert Highway
The Taklamakan Desert is the largest desert in China where the ancient kingdom of Loulan disappeared for many years and the poplar trees that never fell for thousands of years are buried.

5. Tianmen Mountain Road to Heaven

Located in Zhangjiajie, Hunan Province, Tianmen Mountain Road is one of the ten most beautiful roads in China and one of the ten most dangerous roads in the world.
Tianmen Mountain
Zhangjiajie’s scenery has long been known around the world, and is known as the Tianmen Mountain Pan Mountain Road is also one of the best, this road has many curves, 10 km 99 curves, favored by many extreme sports enthusiasts, many professional racers have been here for drifting battles.

6. Taihang Mountain wall highway

One of the top ten dangerous roads in China, China has a total of seven wall highways, Taihang Mountain wall highway is one of the most famous, from the wall promenade Wanxian Mountain, through the Guo Liang wall highway, all the way heartbeat accelerated, this is a miracle highway shocked the world.
Taihang Mountain wall highway
It was built in 1972 and completed in 1977, all by the villagers of Guoliang Village independently and by hand, and the thirteen villagers who were mainly responsible for the excavation were called the “Thirteen Heroes” of Guoliang Cave. Guo Liang Cave is known as one of the “ten most dangerous roads in the world” and one of the “18 most peculiar roads in the world”.

7. Grassland Sky Road

Grassland Sky Road, one of the ten most beautiful roads in mainland China, has winding roads, blue skies, magnificent grasslands, and many windmills, a magnificent landscape comparable to the desktop of Windows.
Grassland Sky Road
Grassland Highway is located at the junction of Zhangbei County and Chongli District in Zhangjiakou City, starting from Wild Fox Ridge in the south of Zhangbei County in the west to Huapi Ridge in Chongli County in the east, which is an important channel connecting Chongli Ski Area, Chicheng Hot Spring Area and Zhangbei Grassland Scenic Area. Grassland Sky Road is also surrounded by tourist attractions such as Huapi Ridge, Wild Fox Ridge, and the Ancient Great Wall.

8. Dada Line

Dada Line is located in Keshiketeng Banner, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, with a total length of 135 kilometers. It starts at Dali Lake and ends at the southern end of the Daxinganling, the famous Ashtu Stone Forest scenic spot.
Dada Line
Grassland highway, dark tarmac road with yellow solid line is a beautiful scenery line itself. The scenery on both sides of the Dada line is typical of Inner Mongolia, with endless grasslands of herds of cattle, sheep, and horses grazing leisurely and curving rivers reflecting the blue sky and white clouds.
Here you do not need to have any shooting skills, as long as you have a cell phone, with a hand shot, is a great scene on earth.

9. Lushan west sea water highway

Lushan West Sea into the water highway, it is to Jiangxi Yongxiu to Wuning Yongwu highway Wuning section, across the Lushan West Sea tourist attractions, is certainly the most beautiful sea highway in China, such as a dream fairyland.
In which a beautiful section should be attributed to the west sea of Mount Lushan winding forward, all the way out of the drive, all the west sea of Mount Lushan from beginning to end with the side, this kind of feeling is not used to the past driving tour, there are some roads like driving on the water, as if a flat boat floating in the water, is very strange.
Lushan west sea water highway
The vast majority of this road is all along the west side of Mount Lushan sea water shuttle, the window outside the mountains and clear waves, water, and mountain are outstanding! Traveling through the Ying Ying mountain and water, reflecting the blue sky and white clouds grass mountains, the scenery is stunning.

10. Ga Mo Highway

The total length of the Ga Mo Highway is 574 kilometers. It is an important north-south trunk road through the Daxinganling region. On this highway, 10,000 miles of forest and sea show their majesty.
Ga Mo Highway
In summer, you can travel through the endless forest and see the magical aurora borealis when you reach Mohe Township; in autumn, it is golden everywhere; in winter, it is surrounded by white snow; no matter which season, you will enjoy a unique driving experience.


Many times we go straight to the destination without distractions, but in the end, there are many regrets.
When you look back, you may find that the scenery along the way is like a young girl, with more people lingering back and forth!
Compared to the destination, perhaps we should enjoy the process of the journey…
Life is the same, do not pursue the results, but ignore the meaning of the process!

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