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6 cities in China suitable for summer travel


August is here, the summer vacation will soon be over, still stay at home without going out to travel?
Want to go out and play but do not want to get all sweaty? Why not take a look at these six cities, the most comprehensive summer vacation best tourist mecca, come to see them together to seize the tail of summer!
The summer heat is hot and muggy everywhere, but there are always some cities that are suitable for travel due to their unique location and environment, the temperature is suitable, cool, and pleasant.
But if you do not know the local climate characteristics, to play here will be easy to “hot” people, but if you want to enjoy the “summer style”, you must go to those places with pleasant scenery, suitable for self-drive travel, the following six cities, each of which is surprising, beautiful to let The best choice for travel, you can pick one to go to live a few days.

1. Qinghai

The mountains are blue and the water is blue, the flowers are like stars, the yaks in the distance are quietly eating grass, the lake is reflecting, the water and the sky are one color, this is not paradise, this is Qinghai. The biggest sign of summer is the heat, but it is the best time to go to Qinghai. At this time, the climate in Qinghai is suitable, the average temperature is only twenty degrees, not only is it not hot, but there is a hint of coolness. Moreover, this is the time when the plants grow most luxuriantly and there is enough oxygen to reduce the plateau reaction.
Qinghai Travel
Looking at the azure sky and the white clouds, I feel that time is flying by and the sky is very high and far away, giving me the illusion of holding the whole world. When you come here, it’s as if you are isolated from the world, besides the clear lake, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with devout faith, and find peace of mind.
The people of Qinghai are sincere and hospitable, and you can feel the culture of ethnic minorities here in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery.

2. Harbin

Some people say that you should visit Harbin twice a year, once in the snowy winter and once in the summer when the heat is unbearable. Harbin is known as the “City of Ice and Snow”, but in the summer is also a different flavor. Harbin’s summer is not as blazing as the sun in the south, the temperature is very comfortable, and the summer is also very cool.
When you arrive in Harbin, it’s like you’ve arrived in an exotic city, once known as the “Little Paris of the East”, it’s an open and tolerant city with many European-style buildings and a unique romantic style. You can go to Central Street and order Russian western food, which is the best place for small couples to date.
Or have a Harbin red sausage and try the unique and delicious northeastern cuisine to feel the charm of Harbin.

3. Hulunbeier

“The sky is pale, the wild is vast, the wind blows the grass low to see the cattle and sheep.” This poem is the best portrayal of the Hulunbuir grassland. How can we not go to the Sen grassland in summer to hit the card once? Why not come to Hulunbeier grassland, the largest and most pleasant scenery in China, where yurts can be seen everywhere in the distance, cows, and horses are herded and the grass is green?
The herdsmen sing long Mongolian love songs, next to the bonfire, taste the delicious roast lamb, lean on the lake to listen to the heroic stories of the grassland sons and daughters, lie on the green land like a tourmaline with the sky as the quilt, and feel the beauty.

4. Qingdao

When you come to Qingdao, you have to “drink beer and eat clams”! As a seaside city, Qingdao is the most popular city to visit in summer. Blowing the sea breeze, and listening to the sound of the waves - gently lapping the beach, all the worries are gone with the waves.
Ride a bicycle around the island road and enjoy the sea view while blowing the sea breeze. In the evening, come to Taitung Commercial Pedestrian Street to eat barbecue and drink beer with your friends, where the fragrance is overflowing and taste the food!

5. Dali

When it comes to Dali, is a haunting place with beautiful scenery all year round, and there are so many places worth visiting here. The first is the Cang Shan Erhai, come to Dali is to see the Erhai is very many people, Erhai can give people an illusion, as if here sometimes quiet, sometimes prosperous, there is a gentle wind blowing as if the beautiful scenery.
The fact is that you can find a lot of people who are looking for the best way to get the most out of your home.
The fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. The Dali lodgings are the best, the flowers are wrapped around the room, and you can wake up to see the scene of a hundred flowers, like in a fairy tale.

6. Lupanshui

Liupanshui is located in Guizhou province and is one of the best summer places, where there is an alias called “cool capital”, so it is clear that although Liupanshui is located in the south, the temperature is only twenty degrees, and is very comfortable.
In addition, the magnificent scenery of Liupanshui is no less than many net red cities and is not a place to come to regret. This is a great choice for those who want to enjoy the scenery and don’t want to be crowded with people than the hustle and bustle of the summer.


Summer is a warm and beautiful season, we will choose this time of the year to travel to see the beautiful scenery.
In the process of travel, you must do a good job of protection and travel strategy, because the meaning of travel is to harvest happiness, especially in a hot summer want to go on vacation, then you need to choose a good place they like, so you can have fun.

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