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Top 12 Tourist Attractions in Sichuan Province


In China, Sichuan province has been known as the “Land of Heaven” because of its many beautiful sights and specialties, which attract a lot of tourists every year.
Travel blogger Dolma will summarize for you today the attractions worth visiting in Sichuan, come and find out!

Top 11 tourist attractions in Sichuan

1. Seda

Seda is a Buddhist institute located in Seda County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, a place where monks study Tibetan Buddhism and practice, and has never charged visitors an entrance fee, so it’s not an attraction, but it’s well worth a visit!
Along the monks’ path, climbing to the top of the mountain more than 4,000 meters above sea level, overlooking the “World Capital of Buddhism”, when and where there is a gentle power. The blue sky is like a wash, white clouds, sunset as dyed, a red and a green sacred composition, the ear heard the sound of Sanskrit murmuring, suddenly feel that the Potala Palace has not been healed in the heart, here to get comfortable!

2. Gunga Mountain

Mount Gongga is located in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, located on the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau, it is the main peak of the Great Snow Mountain, 7556 meters above sea level, is the highest mountain in Sichuan, has the king of the Shu Mountain beauty.
Gunga Mountain
Gongga Mountain means high white iceberg in the Tibetan language and has also been famous for its glaciers. There are more than 100 high-altitude ice peaks here, and the handsome peaks melt with the glaciers, with ice surface lakes, ice caves, ice mushrooms, etc. The scenery is spectacular.

3. Daocheng Yading

Daocheng Yading, known as the last piece of pure land on the blue planet, Yading scenic area has three sacred mountains, respectively, Xian Nai Ri, Yang Mai Yong, Xeno Duoji, to Yading is basically around these three sacred mountains tour.
Daocheng Yading
Daocheng Reading is almost hidden in the world isolated space, man and God together, man and nature in harmony, in the rotation of the sun and the moon in the living and breathing, together with the world in the mountain years.
The magnificent and sacred snow-capped mountains, the blue and transparent sacred lake, the vast meadows, and the colorful forests, almost all the most beautiful things in the snowy plateau are gathered here.

4. Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain, located southwest of Emei City in Sichuan Province, is one of the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China and a holy place which many devout Buddhists aspire.
One of the Four Great Bodhisattvas of Chinese Buddhism, Pusheen Bodhisattva’s dojo is located here. Since ancient times, its unfailing incense has attracted countless pilgrims and literati to set foot here, forming their unique sense of cultural belonging.
Emei Mountain
Today, the scenic area of Mount Emei still emits an infinite amount of Buddhist light and attracts visitors.

5. Sichuan Giant Panda

Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base is a 4A tourist attraction in the country of China, and many foreign tourists come here to visit the pandas.
Sichuan Giant Panda
Chengdu Giant Panda Base is not only the world’s largest panda migration protection base at present but also a scientific research and breeding base, so the base not only allows you to view these cute babies up close like a zoo but also allows you to understand them in depth!

6. Qingcheng Mountain

Qingcheng Mountain enjoys the reputation of being one of the five most beautiful mountains in the world, not far from Chengdu.
Qingcheng Mountain
Qingcheng Mountain is full of fairy tales, cultural relics, and Taoist temples, a beautiful and peaceful place to wash your lungs.
Here, you can see layers of Taoist buildings on the mountain, accompanied by verdant trees, showing the “secluded” mood to the fullest, Zhang Daqian, Du Fu, and other writers also left many masterpieces.

7. Jiuzhaigou

Sichuan has pure scenery and minority customs, and the most famous scenic spot in western Sichuan is Jiuzhaigou.
Jiuzhaigou is located in the northwestern part of Sichuan Province in the territory of Zhangzhou Town, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, a 5A-level scenic spot and the first nature reserve in China whose main purpose is to protect natural scenery.
Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area
Jiuzhaigou is named after the nine Tibetan villages in the ditch, including Shuzhengzhai, Hezhazhai, and Zechawu, which are included in the World Natural Heritage List and are known as “fairyland on earth”, “fairy tale world” and “king of water scenery The title of “King of Waterscape”.

8. Ruoergei Grassland

Sergei grassland is like a magnificent emerald set on the northwest border of Sichuan, where there are vast grasslands, flowers bloom into a sea in the summer, the sky within reach, the sky under the wind horse flag conveys the most sincere blessings, and pure faith, red monk clothes for this piece of holy land day and night to pray for blessings.
Ruoergei Grassland
The people living here are simple and comfortable, with little desire to peek into the outside world, but willing to treat people from the outside world with hospitality.

9. Ancient City of Langzhong

Langzhong Ancient City is located in Langzhong City, Sichuan Province, which has a history of more than 2,300 years.
The ancient city of Langzhong is built with great attention to feng shui, and everywhere you look you can see the gossip, so you can say it is an ancient city of feng shui.
Ancient City of Langzhong
When you are old to Langzhong ancient city, along with the warm sun in early summer, the evening breeze by the Jialing River, walking in the streets of the ancient city, shopping for famous and non-famous attractions, feel the fireworks of the old city, stop and feel the beauty of the ancient city!

10. Hailuogou Scenic Area

Hailuogou is located in the southeastern part of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, on the eastern slope of Mount Gongga, the eastern foot of the Tibetan Plateau, and the very high mountains. Hailuogou is located at the foot of the Gomga Snow Peak, where crystal modern glaciers cascade down from the high valley, and is famous for its low-altitude modern glaciers.
Hailuogou Scenic Area
At the same time, it is also a necessary place for the ancient tea horse road to Tibetan areas, and a corridor of multi-culturalism in the Khampa region.

11. Huanglong Scenic Area

The main landscape of the Huanglong scenic area is concentrated in the Huanglong ditch. Huanglong ditch is about 7 kilometers long, ditch all over the calcium carbonate deposits, and terraced arrangement, forming a picturesque calcium landscape.
Because there are many terraced color pools in Huanglong ditch, the surrounding scenery changes, and the sunlight angle changes to change the colorful colors, known as the “earthly pond”. Here you can see a variety of large and small colored pools, really beautiful!
Huanglong Scenic Area
Nature gives the charm of Huanglong, when you enter the scenic area of Huanglong, you will find yourself in a fairyland.

12. Leshan Buddha

Leshan Big Buddha, which has another name: Lingyun Big Buddha, is located at the side of Lingyun Temple on the east bank of Minjiang River in Leshan City, Sichuan Province, near the confluence of Dadu River, Qingyi River, and Minjiang River.
The Buddha is a seated statue of Maitreya Buddha, with a height of 71 meters, which is the largest cliff stone carving statue in China.
Leshan Giant Buddha
The tall and magnificent Buddha has an imposing power that is comparable to that of the clouds, and also has a great love for all beings.
The magnificent Buddha is naturally rare in the world, and the clever design of ventilation and drainage inside the Buddha has preserved it for thousands of years, which makes people wonder at the ingenuity of the ancients.

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Author: Travel Blogger Dolma

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