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Let you know about the tourism resources of Sichuan


Sichuan is a province with an extremely complex geographical structure and diverse topographical features, giving birth to many unique natural landscapes. From the Sichuan Basin in eastern Sichuan to the Hengduan Mountains in western Sichuan, to the Tibetan Plateau in northwestern Sichuan, the natural and human landscapes are of the highest quality.
Sichuan Tourism
Sichuan is a province of tourism resources that is in overdrive in terms of the development of attractions and infrastructure services, with old favorites and new ones popping up all over the world. The entire Sichuan has 817 A-class scenic spots, and 322 4A-class scenic spots, ranking the first in the country, the country of Tianfu’s beautiful scenery, and food can be said to be the world’s best.
Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area
We divide Sichuan into three major parts, western Sichuan, northern Sichuan, and southeastern Sichuan. The natural landscape and humanistic style of the three parts are different, and there are various ways to play, which can be combined in different ways respectively.

The Mecca of self-driving and camping: Western Sichuan

West Sichuan is the most densely populated area in Sichuan, and the 318 national highway, a must-drive in this life, crosses the west of Sichuan into Tibet. The snow-covered mountain viewpoints everywhere make western Sichuan a good place for self-driving and camping. Yuzi West, Niubizhan, Bailang Shengdu Village…, new camping destinations are developed every year.
Huanglong Scenic Area
The attractions worth going to in western Sichuan are, the thousand-year-old town of Anren, the natural wonders of the red rock beach and natural hot springs gathered in Hailuogou, the many snowy mountain viewpoints around the King of Shushan Gongga Snow Mountain, the neglected eight beauty of the God of Yala Snow Mountain, the slippery running city of Kangding, the exotic star-like Mo Shi Park, the world’s high city of Litang, the Tao Cheng Aden that you will regret not going to…
Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area
There are many self-driving lines in western Sichuan, the 318 must drive in this life, 3-5 days of the small loop of western Sichuan, 6 days of the western Sichuan + Tao Cheng Aden line, from the 227 national highway into Yunnan’s Sichuan-Yunnan line, suitable for off-road players of the Litang Gnip loop. Every friend who likes self-driving and camping can find their favorite way to play in western Sichuan.

The most beautiful landscape in the world: northern Sichuan

The most famous scenery in northern Sichuan is the landscape of Aba, and a lot of famous landscapes we know, such as Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, are concentrated in northern Sichuan. From Chengdu to the north, we passed through the attractions in turn simply experienced many changes in the seasons. Suitable for children to see the thousand-year-old water conservancy project Dujiangyan, the summer must-see summer resort in Western Sichuan, Mount Qingcheng, the maternity ward of giant pandas, Wolong Giant Panda Nature Reserve. Four Girls Mountains, the Queen of Shu Mountains.
Daocheng Yading
In northern Sichuan, there are the most beautiful landscapes in the world. The young glacier with the lowest altitude, Dagu Glacier; Bipenggou, where you can see maple leaves in autumn and snow in winter; Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, nature’s natural bonsai; Ruoergei Grassland, where wetlands are all over the place; Lianbao Yes, the gate of the divine world behind Nianbao Yuzhe. Suitable for self-driving routes are the Aba loop and Gansu Gannan combination of self-driving routes in Sichuan and Gansu.

People gathering: southeast Sichuan

The third part of the Sichuan tour is the southeast of Sichuan, the most densely populated area of humanities. The advantage of this area is the low altitude, many scenic spots have educational significance, suitable for parent-child or family outings. The famous Yangtze River civilization’s source of Samsung Pile, the Three Kingdoms wonders Jianmen Shu Dao, one of China’s four ancient cities Langzhong, the world’s tallest stone Buddha statue Leshan Big Buddha, Emei Mountain famous for the golden dome of Buddha and monkeys, many martial arts dramas set Shu Nan Bamboo Sea. The cultural heritage of southeastern Sichuan is quite thick.
Daocheng Yading
The above three areas, basically represent the most worthwhile tour range in Sichuan Province. Like self-driving, off-road and camping, want to see the snowy mountains, not afraid of high altitude reflection on the west of Sichuan; like the mountains, grasslands, wetlands, soft natural landscape, go to the north of Sichuan; family travel with children and the elderly, go to the southeast of Sichuan.

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