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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Shanghai


Shanghai, one of the most prosperous cities in China and the most westernized city in China, is a place to which many people aspire, especially its most famous Oriental Pearl Tower, and the romantic Bund… Shanghai is not only fashionable and modern but also elegant and quaint, so unique that it attracts thousands of tourists to visit every year.
Today, Dolma has summarized the 10 most popular attractions in Shanghai, so let’s find out!

Top 10 tourist attractions in Shanghai

1. The Bund in Shanghai

The Bund is a symbolic attraction of the city of Shanghai, consisting of some different styles of universal architecture and the night view of the river is the essence of it. The Bund is home to 52 different styles of classical revival buildings. The famous Bank of China Building, the Peace Hotel, the Customs Building, and the HSBC Building reproduce the elegance of the former “Wall Street of the Far East”.
Shanghai Bund
The main attractions and the best viewing angle of the Bund are relatively concentrated in the northern section, so if you have limited time to visit the Bund, you can take the northern section instead of the whole tour.
Whenever the lights go on, the Bund is brilliantly lit up by various buildings, which makes visitors from home and abroad marvel.

2. Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The Pearl Tower is one of the iconic cultural landscapes in Shanghai. The Oriental Pearl Tower can be said to have witnessed various historical ups and downs since the development of Shanghai’s reform and opening up.
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Inside the tower, there are space capsules, revolving restaurants, Shanghai city history development exhibition hall, and other landscapes and facilities. The view inside the tower is very open and can overlook the scenery on both sides of the Huangpu River.

3. Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is another beautiful new urban landscape in Shanghai, has been known as the first Chinese commercial street, known as “ten miles of Nanjing Road, a pedestrian street” title.
Nanjing Road
Walking on this 1200 meters pedestrian street, on both sides of all kinds of fashionable and popular stores, and bustling crowds, where you can find the taste of old Shanghai, let people experience great joy, especially at night under the neon lights flashing, unique style.
If you are tired of walking, you can sit anywhere, you can also think about where to go next, absolutely free and easy.

4. Shanghai City God Temple

City God Temple tourist area is located in the Yu Garden and the Old City God Temple two major attractions is a must-see for visitors to Shanghai.
Here you can fully appreciate the folklore of Shanghai and taste the authentic Shanghai snacks and local dishes.
Shanghai City God Temple
At night, the colorful landscape lights on the antique buildings make this place a beautiful scenery. There are several small commodity wholesalers and comprehensive shopping malls, as well as a very large number of stores and old restaurants, where you can also buy a variety of Shanghai souvenirs.

5. Zhujiajiao

Shanghai is an ancient town, in fact, with Zhouzhuang, and Xitang similar, quaint, there are many snacks, you can also sit by the river to drink a small tea or a small boat.
The characteristics of the ancient town of Jiangnan are small bridges and flowing water, the ancient town the paths in all directions, the ground is a stone road, some places are also potholes, and the river is lined with residents, standing on the bridge to enjoy the view of the town is the best!
Zhujiajiao Ancient Town
The ancient town is crisscrossed by rivers and harbors, 9 long streets stretching along the river, thousands of Ming and Qing dynasty buildings standing by the water, 36 stone bridges still exist in the old style, and many famous monuments.

6. Qibao Ancient Town

Qibao Ancient Town is in Qibao Town, Minhang District, a little far from the city, is an ancient town with beautiful scenery and a long history
In Qibao ancient town can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the water town of Jiangnan, which is also one of the top ten must-see free attractions in the Magic City, Qibao ancient town’s ancient architecture, while there are very many photos The landscape of the town.
Qibao Ancient Town
Now Qibao ancient town is a well-known tourist attraction in the suburbs of Shanghai, retaining the scenery of the south of the river with small bridges and flowing water, and there are many special shopping stores and snacks on both sides of the ancient street.

7. Shanghai Grand View Garden

Shanghai Grand View Garden is a key unit of Shanghai’s spiritual civilization construction and a comprehensive amusement park for sightseeing, tourism, and leisure. The whole garden is centered on a large lake, with ponds and Qinfang Creek The pond and the Qinfang River are the centers of the garden, and the pond and the Qinfang River are the communication points, which constitute a water system with main and branch, and with movement and stillness. garden scenery.
Shanghai Grand View Garden

8. Tianzifang

If you want to see the representative architecture of Shanghai, you can come to Tianzifang. It is a place where domestic and foreign art collides, and there are many art design studios, so entering here is like entering a small international art fair. It is a small international art fair with a very literary atmosphere.
Shanghai Tianzifang is a very petty place where you can enjoy coffee or shop for some art reviews, and you can shop here for a long time. Inside Tianzifang, there are many well-known creative studios, there is a need for these small partners can go to see them.

9. Fengjing Town

The ancient town of Fengjing originated in the Song Dynasty and was officially established in the Yuan Dynasty. Fengjing is located in the current Jinshan District of Shanghai, this place in ancient times but across the Wu Yue, is a typical Jiangnan water town.
Fengjing town is full of lotus flowers, which look very beautiful, so it is also called Qingfengjing.
Fengjing Town
The people here are good at all kinds of folk art, Fengjing is also the birthplace of the famous Chinese and foreign Jinshan peasant paintings, if you are lucky enough to see it, it is a painting that causes people infinite imagination ah.

10. Jing’an Temple

Jing’an Temple is located in the heart of Shanghai, which is also a landmark here.
It is the earliest surviving Buddhist monastery in Shanghai, and is a rare monastery in eastern China with a Tibetan style, featuring the Eight Great Mountain Men and famous paintings.
Jing’an Temple
A visit to the Jing’an Temple in Shanghai will reveal that it is completely different from the temples in the outside world. The temple is not about the hustle and bustle, and as you walk around the interior of the temple, you will find that tranquility is the only theme here.
From a distance, the entire temple has a golden roof, which is particularly dazzling!

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