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About Guizhou Travel

My impression of Guizhou is that the mountains are beautiful, the water is beautiful, and the people are even more beautiful. Guizhou is a place you should visit many times!
In Guizhou, there are not only beautiful natural scenery but also rich ethnic customs…
Guizhou Travel
To let you know more about Guizhou, travel blogger Dolma compiled this Guizhou travel guide for friends who want to travel to Guizhou, I believe that this article will help you!

Top 8 tourist attractions in Guizhou

There are many tourist attractions in Guizhou, but I think to travel to Guizhou, these 8 places are not to be missed, if less than one will feel sorry, take a look!

1. Huangguoshu Waterfall

Huangguoshu Waterfall, a national 5-A scenic spot, is the first batch of five-A spots selected by the state, but also the first to Guizhou must be one of the attractions, Huangguoshu is the first domestic waterfall, one of the world’s famous waterfalls The scenic area is divided into three major areas, the Falls - Tianxing Bridge - steep pond and other attractions, and scenic spots between the scenic bus to reach.
Huangguoshu Waterfall
here is a special reminder, Tianxing Bridge area, must be sure to take the second half, most tourists walk to Star Lake and end the tour the second half is the essence of the Tianxing Bridge

2. The Seventh Hole Scenic Area

Big and small seven holes scenic spot, the national 5-A scenic spot, belongs to the domestic karst landscape, and the selected world natural heritage list, to the ancient bridge seven holes and named, here has the most beautiful bonsai of The name, especially Laya waterfall and 68-level plunge waterfall and some other landscapes, must be clear, the size of the scenic area is two scenic areas, the two spacing is not very far, the big seven holes are particularly spectacular, to Caves, canyons for the strange for the landscape, small seven holes small and delicate, with primitive forests, waterfalls for the landscape, two scenic spots have their characteristics
The Seventh Hole Scenic Area

3. Chishui Danxia Tourist Area

Chishui Danxia tourist area, the national 5-A-level scenic spot, and Hunan used in Hunan, Guangdong Danxia Mountain, Fujian Training, Jiangxi Longhushan, and Zhejiang Jianglang Mountain, bundled application for the World Natural Heritage, belongs to In the domestic Danxia landform landscape, and Chishui Danxia tourist area, including the Great Falls - Swallow Rock - Buddha Light Rock three attractions, the Great Falls and Swallow Rock are both closer, and Buddha Light Rock is a little farther away, this site
There are also four holes ditch attractions, second only to the Chishui Falls, the distribution of four different forms of waterfalls, because of the scenic distance, you can choose to visit the mode multiple days
Chishui Danxia Tourist Area

4. Mount Fanjing

Fanjing Mountain Scenic Area, the national 5-A scenic spots, the five major Buddhist mountains, the world natural heritage, the five major Buddhist Maitreya Bodhisattva’s dojo, and one of China’s top ten famous summer mountains.
Mount Fanjing
where the Mushroom Stone is the most famous, the Golden Peak is the highest peak of Fanjingshan, and visit Fanjingshan, it is recommended that a one-way hike, a one-way ropeway can, in this case, can save physical strength, after all, the scenic area has three major The mushroom stone - the old golden roof - red clouds golden roof, although the hiking is very tired, these three attractions must be all walked!

5. Zhenyuan ancient city

ZhenYuan ancient city, the national 5-A-level scenic spot, is the province’s famous ancient city, S-shaped through the city, here is the ancient transport trade developed place, the ancient city has a long history and culture, especially late The ancient city has a long history and culture.
Zhenyuan ancient city
especially in the evening, strolling in the ancient city, enjoying the night scenery of the ancient city, especially under the illumination of lights, is so beautiful, during the day you can go to the Qinglong Cave, climb the Shiping Mountain, walk the ancient alley, all over The old city is free to enter, but if you go to the Qinglong Cave or the Maoyang River, you need to buy a separate ticket.

6. Xijiang Qiangu Miaozhai

Xijiang Qiangu Miaozhai, is a place to preserve the original ecological culture of the Miao intact, by far the largest Miaozhai in China, although, inside things are already renovated
The basic scenery is well protected, and the advertising slogan here, to answer everything with beauty, can be seen in the landscape of the Miao Village, so beautiful shock.
Xijiang Qiangu Miaozhai
remember, go to the Miao Village Be sure to stay overnight, especially in the evening ten, the colorful top light, shining the beauty of the Miao Village, and the best viewpoint is the entrance to the mountain, and then again, do not miss the
The best viewpoint is at the entrance of the hill, and don’t miss the performance of the Miao Village.

7. Weaving Cave

Weaving Cave is the first World Geopark in Guizhou Province. When you step into the cave, you will see strange-shaped stalactites and stalagmites, and a magnificent underground art palace will open up.
Weaving Cave
Some of them look like human statues, some look like pines, and some of them are just like pines, a natural painting that makes people marvel at them. Walking through the path in the cave, the fog gradually spread from the bottom of the cave and up, the dense gas curling, as if Step into Langya Wonderland.

8. Wanfenglin Scenic Area

Wanfenglin, a national 4-A scenic spot, one of the five most beautiful peaks in China, where is known as the world’s wonders, known as China’s cone-shaped karst museum, dense and peculiar peaks, strange peaks, and Cui mountains
It is one of the three most beautiful karst landscapes in southwest China. Xu Xiake once said, “There are so many peaks in the world, but this is the only place where peaks become forests.
Wanfenglin Scenic Area
The scenic area is divided into two peaks and forests in the east and west, which are set off by fields and villages, constituting the best ecological environment in nature and forming rare peaks and forests with idyllic scenery under the sky.

Guizhou tour route reference

Day1:Arrive at Guiyang, check in hotel, free time

Day2: Libo small seven holes - Wolongtan waterfall - seven hole bridge, etc., a night stay in Xijiang Thousand Household Miao Village hanging foot inn, visit the world’s largest Miao gathering area to see the night scene

Day3: Xijiang Thousand Families Miao Village, learn about the local ethnic customs, and then go to the historic town of Zhenyuan Xiasi, enjoy the night view of the town

Day4: Visit Huangguoshu Waterfall

Day5: Qingyan ancient town, return to Guiyang, end

Q: What is the best season to travel to Guizhou?
A: Every year from April to October, Guizhou is the most beautiful scenery, and is also the most suitable for the travel season

Q: What are the precautions and necessary items for traveling in Guizhou?

  1. Prepare relevant clothes according to the weather condition
  2. Please exchange cash in advance
  3. Bring your cell phone and camera, remember to bring a good charger, battery, and enough memory cards

Q: How many days does it take to travel to Guizhou?
A: Hello, it takes about 5 days to visit Guizhou, so you can see all those major attractions in Guizhou.

Top 5 food in Guizhou

People in Guizhou love spicy food, so spicy food is very popular in the region. Guizhou cuisine is characterized by spicy alcohol, thick taste, numbness, acidity, and aroma.

1. Spicy chicken
It is a very distinctive local traditional dish. Compared with the spicy chicken fried with dried chili peppers in Hunan and Chongqing, I prefer the spicy chicken in Guizhou, which is made by stir-frying the special patty chili peppers together with the chicken.

2. Zunyi bean flower noodles
Douhua noodles are the original creation of the Zunyi people created in the early 20th century and are a very well-known Han Chinese noodle cuisine, Zunyi douhua noodles are dry and dipped in water alone two ways to eat.
Douhua noodle shops are all over the streets and alleys, and business is booming. Every place that eats breakfast in Zunyi has almost every sign of a bean flower noodle restaurant.

3. Sour soup fish
Guizhou people like spicy and sour, and there is nothing better than spicy chicken and sour fish soup in Guizhou flavor. Fish in sour soup is the favorite of the Dong Miao ethnic group. The Miao people, who live in the southwest of Guizhou, are especially fond of acid, and there is a folk saying that the Dong Miao people “don’t eat acid for three days, they will walk and leap”.

4. Huaxi Beef Noodles
The unique flavor of Huaxi beef noodles is loved by people, in addition to taste, drinking a bowl of aromatic, fresh, and rich beef soup is also a delicious enjoyment, people are taking it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, casual food, anytime and anywhere to eat.

5. Glutinous Rice and Fragrant Pork
Dong people like to eat glutinous rice, which is steamed by burning fire in the morning and becomes the main food of the day. The roasted pork is made from the meat of small fragrant pork, a Dong specialty

Guizhou Travel Tips

  1. Guizhou has a humid climate and more vegetation, so mosquitoes and bacteria are easy to breed, so try to avoid drinking raw water and eating unhygienic food, especially in summer. Remember to carry some mosquito repellent with you, especially in summer.

  2. Please keep your luggage, especially cell phones, wallets, and other valuables, during the trip.

  3. Because Guizhou is mountainous, most of the attractions are in the mountains, and some scenic spots need to take mountain roads, so women shouldn’t wear high heels, but sports shoes or tourist shoes are more suitable.

  4. Don’t go to some dangerous areas, such as steep slopes, dense forests, cliff paths, rapids, deep caves, etc. In these dangerous areas, try to travel in a group, don’t risk going alone.

  5. Guizhou has more minority groups, especially in the southeast of Qianjiang, to respect their lives and beliefs, and respect the local customs.


If you are interested in the beautiful deleted water scenery, then Guizhou is a good destination, moved? When are you going to Guizhou?

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Author: Travel Blogger Dolma

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