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About China

Hello everyone, I’m Dolma, a travel blogger, and I’m a girl from China. To let friends who are planning to travel to China know more about China, I especially wrote this China travel guide, read
After reading this article, you will have an in-depth understanding of China’s tourism situation!
China Travel Guide
China is one of the world’s four ancient civilizations, with a history of about 5,000 years.
In addition, there are countless tourism resources, many scenic spots, historical sites, ethnic customs, and good natural scenery attracting tourists and friends from all over the world.

Location: Asia
Population: 1.4 billion
Local language: Chinese
Local currency: RMB

About China Travel

Here, let me briefly summarize the current tourism situation in China
The most representative historical sites are: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, and Horses
The most representative natural scenery: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Guilin
Favorite places for foreign friends: Beijing, Xi’an, Zhangjiajie, Yunnan, Guilin, Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou, Tibet
In the following introduction, I will focus on these attractions and destinations. The content of the article is a bit too much, please browse slowly…

Top 8 Chinese travel destinations

Beijing tourism mainly focuses on historical culture and cultural relics
Beijing is an ancient capital of treasures with many histories. It has a profound cultural heritage, connotations, and stories. In my mind, it is the color intertwined with red and golden yellow. It has a red history and golden brilliance.
Bright future.
Speaking of Beijing, some people will think of nobles, buildings, gardens, hutongs, and courtyards… These have become the symbols of Beijing, each symbol has its own story, and if symbols are combined, it is Beijing.

Best season: March to September
Duration of the tour: 4 days recommended

The most worthwhile attractions in Beijing

  1. The Great Wall
  2. The Forbidden City
  3. Temple of Heaven
  4. The Summer Palace

My advice

  1. If you visit the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall in Beijing, dress appropriately and neatly, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter
  2. The Forbidden City in Beijing controls the flow of visitors. Please buy tickets in advance and enter the scenic spot as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be very many people
  3. Monday is the closing day of the museum. If you want to visit the museum, you need to arrange other times
  4. For accommodation, I recommend staying at Qianmen first. Qianmen is on the central axis of Beijing. It is a key area, bus, and subway. It is convenient to go anywhere, and you can eat a lot of authentic Beijing flavors.
  5. It is best not to join a tour group when traveling in Beijing, it is not fun, and it is very tiring

Xi’an tourism mainly focuses on history, culture, cultural relics, and food
Xi’an is one of the important birthplaces of Chinese civilization and the Chinese nation. It is the starting point of the Silk Road. In history, more than ten dynasties established their capitals here. For example the capital city of Fenghao, the Qin Epang Palace, the soldiers and horses
Figures, Han Weiyang Palace, Changle Palace, Sui Daxing City, Tang Daming Palace, Xingqing Palace, etc. outline the “Chang’an Complex”.
Xi’an is one of the best tourist destinations in China and one of the cities with the best international image in China.
Now Xi’an is also an international city. Many foreign friends work, live, and settle here.

Best Season: All year round
Duration of the tour: 3 to 4 days recommended

The most worthwhile attractions in Xi’an

  1. Terracotta Warriors
  2. Big Wild Goose Pagoda
  3. Shaanxi History Museum
  4. Xi’an City Wall
  5. Bell and Drum Tower
  6. Huashan

My advice

  1. Xi’an is a thousand-year-old capital with historical relics in the majority. If you want to better understand the powerful culture, it is best to hire an English-speaking tour guide
  2. Hey~ I seem to have forgotten what to write, but don’t worry, I will keep updating this article.

Zhangjiajie tourism is mainly based on natural scenery and folk customs
If you want to ask me where is the magical and magnificent place, then my answer must be Zhangjiajie.
It is a well-known wonderland, the “Pandora” in the movie “Avatar”
The real-life shooting location of the classic Chinese classic “Journey to the West” was once selected as the best travel destination for “Lonely Planet”.
Many people say that Zhangjiajie is a place that makes people who have never been there yearn for it, and people who have been there long for it. All I know is that it always has a charm that, like the first encounter, can give me deep Deep attraction!
Zhangjiajie is a beautiful and magical place. In the core scenic spot of Wulingyuan, 3,000 stone peaks rise from the ground, and 800 streams meander. Zhangjiajie’s unique Wulingyuan sandstone peak forest landform is magnificent

The karst landscape is like being in the fairyland of the mountain.
Therefore, Zhangjiajie won the honors of “the original Chinese landscape painting”, and “reduced fairyland, enlarged bonsai”.

Best season: April to October
Tour time: 3 to 4 days are recommended (if you still want to go to the ancient city of Phoenix, add another 1 to 2 days)

Main attractions in Zhangjiajie

  1. Zhangjiajie National Forest Park
  2. Tianmen Mountain
  3. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon

My advice

  1. Zhangjiajie has many scenic spots and is relatively scattered. When traveling in Zhangjiajie, it is best to find an English-speaking tour guide to accompany you
  2. Phoenix Ancient Town is relatively close to Zhangjiajie. After the Zhangjiajie tour, it is recommended to go to Phoenix Ancient Town to see it. This is a landscape tour + ancient town tour, which is perfect
  3. Zhangjiajie belongs to mountain tourism. You must not wear high-heeled shoes in scenic spots, let alone go to places with dangerous signs.
  4. Hunan is mainly based on spicy food. If you can’t eat too much pepper, you can communicate with the restaurant in advance
  5. During the tour, if you encounter any difficulties, you can contact the staff of the scenic spot in time, they will be happy to help you

Yunnan tourism mainly focuses on natural scenery, ancient towns, and folk customs
As a travel blogger, I am a person born to travel. I especially like to enjoy the purity and leisure of the soul drifting along the road.
Yunnan is a place that must be visited once in a lifetime. There are the most beautiful natural scenery and colorful folk customs. If you are going to travel to Yunnan, I suggest you visit slowly, because this
It is not suitable for a short walk, because every popular attraction will make people intoxicated until they are infatuated. No way, it’s just too beautiful.
Colorful Yunnan and the South of Colorful Clouds are the labels that people give to Yunnan. From this, it can be seen that Yunnan is a full tourist destination!

Best season: April to October
Duration of the tour: 6 to 7 days recommended

Major destinations in Yunnan

  1. Shangri-La
  2. Lijiang
  3. Dali
  4. Lugu Lake
  5. Puzhehei Scenic Area

My advice

  1. Yunnan is located in the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, and the climate changes rapidly. Before going to prepare to play, be sure to pay attention to the local weather forecast and bring appropriate clothes.
  2. Do not join a tour group, independent travel is the best way
  3. In Dali and Lijiang, you can choose the kind of inn (siheyuan) to stay in, it is more interesting, and you can also learn about their customs
  4. There are ethnic minorities living in Yunnan, please respect the local folklore and culture
  5. Yunnan ultraviolet rays are relatively strong, please bring your skin care products, especially for women, and also need to prepare sunglasses and sunhats

Experience the classic landscape tour here
Although Guilin’s landscape has an irreplaceable position in people’s hearts, and although Guilin is already a world tourist city, when you come here, you will find that the beauty of Guilin is still underestimated.
Guilin’s landscape is a typical karst landform. The scenery on both sides of the Lijiang River is beautiful, and the air is very fresh. Boating on the Lijiang River to see the Shili Gallery will make you very comfortable as if you are swimming in a painting!
Best season: April to October
Duration of the tour: 3 to 4 days recommended

Guilin main attractions

  1. Li River
  2. Yulong River

My advice

  1. In places where there are many places, such as stations, be sure to take good care of your belongings
  2. You need to prepare an umbrella during the trip because it is likely to rain at any time
  3. Rafting has certain dangers. Pay special attention to your safety and do not go into the water without permission.
  4. Guilin is a place where ethnic minority residents live together. Most ethnic minorities have different religious beliefs and customs, and local customs need to be respected.
  5. Wear comfortable sneakers during the tour.
  6. Do not enter the temples in various scenic spots in Guilin, and do not pick up the incense candles handed to you by the monks when you enter. It will be charged and very expensive.

Typical city break, food paradise
Zhao Lei’s song “Chengdu“ made Chengdu popular all over China. Taverns on Yulin Road, Kuanzhai Alleys deep in the market, old teahouses on the street…
What should life be like in Chengdu? Slow pace, comfort, good food
Chengdu is a city that you don’t want to leave when you come here, a “leisure capital” that slows down time. If you are looking for a place where you can slow down your life, Chengdu,
It must be a good choice, not only that, there are many interesting attractions in Chengdu.
Here, you will also meet many foreign friends from all over the world, who live happily here…

Best Season: All year round
Duration of the tour: 3 to 4 days recommended

  1. Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
  2. Mount Qingcheng
  3. Kuanzhai Alley
  4. Wuhou Temple

My advice

  1. Kuanzhai Alley is a foodie’s paradise for foreign tourists. It integrates food, beautiful scenery, culture, and folk customs. It is the most authentic portrayal of a leisurely life in Chengdu. It must be visited.
  2. You don’t have to be in a hurry to travel in Chengdu, you need to slow down and savor carefully
  3. Most of the food in Chengdu is mainly spicy. If you can’t eat too spicy, you can communicate well in advance

Different folk customs and national culture, watching pure and quiet natural scenery, faith journey
Tibet has magic power, and it is indeed a very charming city. It is a holy place where you will leave your heart there. When you come to Tibet, you will experience the humanities, culture, and beliefs of this city!
There is no doubt that Tibet is a place that everyone always wants to visit once in their lifetime!
This is a region deeply influenced by Buddhist thought, and it can be said that the power of religion has been deeply rooted, but the people here are very simple.
On this plateau, you are easily moved by a look or an action, and you will involuntarily interrogate your happiness and reflect on your life.

Best season: May to October
Duration of the tour: 7 to 9 days recommended

Main attractions in Tibet

  1. The Potala Palace
  2. Jokhang Temple
  3. Basongcuo
  4. Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon
  5. Mount Everest
  6. Namtso
  7. Yamdrok Yongcuo

My advice

  1. Tickets for the Potala Palace Scenic Spot need to be reserved one day in advance. Foreign friends can purchase tickets at the ticket window of the scenic spot after arriving in Lhasa, and then visit the next day.
  2. Tibetan mastiffs, sheep, cattle, and other animals in the Yamdrok Yongcuo scenic spot need to be charged for taking pictures, please understand in advance
  3. In Tibet, many of them are holy lakes. They are sacred in the hearts of the local people. You must not go into the water with slippers.
  4. When visiting temples in Tibet, do not wear short skirts, otherwise you will not be allowed to enter
  5. Tibet is a high-altitude area, you can prepare some medicines to prevent altitude sickness, and fully understand the information on preventing altitude sickness

Jiuzhaigou is located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province. It is a masterpiece of nature. It is surrounded by towering snow-capped peaks, clear and beautiful lakes, colorful waterfalls, turbulent rapids, and lush green trees. Holy Mountain and Holy Water”.
After the opening of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Spot, Easterners call it “Wonderland on Earth”, while Westerners call it “Fairy Tale World”
Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area
When you are in Jiuzhaigou, you will feel like a dream, because whether you look up or look down, you are greeted by beautiful scenery. Jiuzhaigou integrates primitive beauty, natural beauty, and wild beauty, making tourists linger.

Q: How to plan a route to travel to China?
A: You can make travel plans according to your favorite travel themes. For example, if you want to learn about Chinese history and culture, you can go to Beijing or Xi’an, and if you like natural scenery, you can consider going to Zhangjiajie, Yunnan, Guilin, etc. Of course, you can also combine them. Because, landscape tour + historical and cultural tour, is the best!

Q: How many days does it take to travel to China?
A: There are many beautiful places in China. However, considering everyone’s limited vacation time, traveling in China for about 10 days is the choice of most tourists and friends. If you add your round-trip transportation time, it will take about 2 weeks. If you have more time to stay, then you can take a slow trip and deeply experience the beauty of China!

Q: How to save money when traveling to China?

  1. If you have confirmed your travel plan, then you can book the round-trip flight as early as possible, the earlier the booking is, the more affordable
  2. When traveling in China, you don’t need to stay in luxury and high-end hotels. Each tourist destination has its unique homestays and inns, which are very comfortable and save money
  3. Go to a regular restaurant to avoid indiscriminate charges. After arriving in China, you can install the Meituan APP, which has many recommended restaurants nearby
  4. When taking a taxi, it is best to ask for the planned price first
  5. You can ask and haggle when shopping in China

Q: What should I do if I encounter difficulties during the trip?
A: The best way is to ask the staff of your scenic spot for help. Most scenic spots have staff who can speak English. The Chinese people are very enthusiastic and they will help you. At the same time, the introduction signs of the scenic spots, including transportation It is bilingual in Chinese and English. In addition, I recommend that you buy a tourist map. Even if you don’t know how to get to a certain destination, you can use the map to ask for directions, which is more convenient!

Q: What if I’m not used to local food?
A: There is hardly any need to worry about this, there is a lot of delicious food in China that you should try, I guess you will like it. In addition, there are also some western restaurants in major cities. In addition, you can also prepare some foods to supplement your physical strength, such as chocolate, etc.

Q: Do I need to hire a tour guide to travel in China?
A: If it is natural scenery, you can refer to the tourist map and visit by yourself. If it is a cultural and historical attraction, and you want to know more about them, then you can consider hiring a local tour guide, which is necessary

Q: Is it safe to travel to China now?
A: China is a country of etiquette, so you don’t need to worry about safety. Now China’s society is stable, people live and work in peace and contentment, and there is relevant staff in all tourist destinations and scenic spots. If you have any difficulties, you can get help at any time. Chinese people are also very warm and hospitable, there is an old Chinese saying, “It’s a pleasure to have friends from afar?” In addition, China’s epidemic prevention work is very successful, I wish you a pleasant holiday in China

Q: Do I need a visa to travel to China?
A: Yes. Each country has different visa methods and regulations, so you can consult your region to apply for

16 Tips for Traveling in China

  1. Prepare a Chinese phone card. You may have to go to a larger telecommunications service hall to apply for it. With this, it will be much more convenient. If you need to connect to the Internet at any time, you also need to keep the phone open.

  2. Install the navigation APP software on the mobile phone, for example, AutoNavi map. It can be used to find attractions, find hotels, etc. during your travel, which is very convenient

  3. Install a VPN software so that you can also access Facebook, YouTube, Google, etc. in China

  4. It is recommended to install Qunar and Ctrip apps on your mobile phone, which can be used to book hotels and tickets.

  5. Ordinary hotels may not be able to receive foreign guests, so it is best to book that kind of international hotel

  6. When traveling in China, try to take the high-speed rail, which is comfortable and saves a lot of time. Most of the destinations I recommended above can take the high-speed rail.

  7. You can learn a few simple Mandarin before going to China, so you can greet them with a smile

  8. Before going to China, it is recommended that you understand the local customs and respect the local customs. In my blog, I have a detailed introduction to each destination, you can read it yourself

  9. When you are buying tourist souvenirs, you can bargain if you like them. If someone sells it to you and you don’t want it, you can politely refuse.

  10. As a travel blogger who has been in the travel industry for many years, I suggest you not join a tour group when traveling in China unless it is necessary, otherwise the quality of your travel will be greatly reduced.

  11. Mobile payment (WeChat, Alipay) is currently popular in China. If you don’t have these, don’t worry, you can exchange your name coins in advance, and cash is also very good.

  12. When you move or change destinations, remember to organize your gifts in advance. If you miss them, it will be very troublesome to retrieve them, especially valuables

  13. It is best to use a travel backpack when traveling in China.

  14. Traveling in China is not popular and tipping is not required unless, of course, you are very willing

  15. Smoking is normal in China, please don’t be prejudiced, you can turn a blind eye

  16. Before departure, you should understand and choose the travel destination you are going to, and make a travel plan, so that you will not feel messy and make you enjoy the journey more.

Author: Travel Blogger Dolma

Link to this article:https://www.bsettraveltips.com/china-travel-guide

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