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Top 8 tourist attractions around Chengdu


Sichuan is rich in tourism resources, and there are many tourist attractions, in the last article, Dolma introduced the “top 10 tourist attractions in Chengdu“, today I want to share with you 8 places around Chengdu worth visiting, if you come to Chengdu, if you have enough vacation, you must go to these places to see!

Top 8 tourist attractions around Chengdu

1. Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou is known as the “beautiful fairy tale world”. The main body is in the shape of a “Y”, consisting of three ditches: Shuzheng Ditch, Rizegou, and Zechawu Ditch, with a total length of more than 50 kilometers.
The water in Jiuzhai is the best, because there are various metal elements underground, clear and blue, and various waterfalls and pools are a dazzling sight. Journey to the West was also filmed here.
There is an environmental protection sightseeing bus running through the scenic spot and stopping at the beck and call, and tourists usually take the environmental protection bus to visit the sights one by one.
Every year from July to October is the peak of the water season, the tourist season.

2. Emei Mountain

It’s stunning to see the sea of clouds at Golden Peak when it’s clear, and don’t miss the sunrise to have a perfect driving trip to Mount Emei.
Mount Emei is one of the four most famous Buddhist mountains in China and is also the dojo of Pusheen Bodhisattva. There are numerous monasteries in the mountain, giving it a magical atmosphere.
Mount Emei
It is located at the edge of the Sichuan basin, with an altitude of super high 3,000 meters, and nearly 100 large and small monasteries along the mountain.
The scenic area is divided into three zones, low, medium, and high, depending on the altitude.
The Golden Peak is located at the second highest peak of Mount Emei, adjacent to the summit of Emei, the summit of Ten Thousand Buddhas, and is the most concentrated place of temples and attractions on Mount Emei, the essence of Emei.
The four major scenic spots of Emei are Buddha Light, Sunrise, Sea of Clouds, and Sacred Lantern, where you can not only enjoy the sunrise over the sea of clouds but also worship the world’s tallest golden Buddha - the four-sided ten-sided Pusheen icon.
Perhaps because of the aura, the monkeys in the mountain are notoriously naughty, they are not afraid of people and will take the initiative to ask visitors for food. So important things, do not hold in your hand! Touring Emei Mountain, there are two main ways: on foot, or by car.

3. Daocheng Yading

Daocheng Yading is the Yading Nature Reserve. Because of its unique geomorphology and pristine natural scenery, some people call it the only remaining piece of pure land on the blue planet.
The scenic area not only has magnificent and sacred snow-capped mountains but also vast meadows, colorful forests, and a turquoise blue transparent sea, almost everything beautiful in the snowy plateau is gathered here.
Daocheng Yading
The scenic area is mainly composed of a few snow-capped mountains plus a few lakes, plus a temple.
The whole is very beautiful and worth the trip! The scenic area mainly has two lines, the long line to go to the Lojung cow field, the milk sea, and the five-color sea, which needs a day, the physical requirements of high. Short line to go to the Chonggu Temple, Pearl Sea, Chonggu Meadows, half a day can go through, the morning to go to fewer people, and the reflection of the snow mountain is very beautiful.

4. Dagu glacier scenic spot

Dagur Glacier Park to marine modern mountain glacier landscape as the core, with a variety of types of marine modern mountain glaciers, and there are many types of ancient glacier remains.
The sacred water of the snowy mountains has nurtured all the creatures of Dagu Tibetan Village. Tibetan village around the verdant forest, the front, and back of the house are filled with various colors of scripture streamers, fluttering in the wind, coupled with the Tibetan village itself cleverly designed, painted, and decorated with boar’s head, strange stones, lotus flower platform, and other totems, its ancient and simple vicissitudes, its rich Buddhist atmosphere, really a pair of beautiful folklore landscape painting.
Dagu glacier scenic spot
When you enter Dagobingshan, the first thing you see is the sea of golden monkeys surrounded by mountains and forests. The clear lake, set against the blue sky, takes the mountain into its bosom. The golden monkeys that have lived here for thousands of years have flourished here…

5. Leshan Buddha

Leshan Big Buddha is located in Leshan City, where the Min River, Qingyi River, and Dadu River meet, on the rock wall of Qixia Peak of Lingyun Mountain, also known as Lingyun Big Buddha, approved by UNESCO as “World Cultural and Natural Heritage”.
Leshan Buddha was excavated in the Tang Dynasty and took 90 years to complete after three generations of craftsmen. The Buddha is a seated statue of Maitreya Buddha, about 70 meters high, a giant stone carving of Maitreya Buddha.
Leshan Giant Buddha
Viewing the tall and majestic Leshan Buddha, I marvel at how the ancients were able to create such an exquisite Buddha without modern large tools. After entering the gate, walk along the riverside Guanyin Trail, following the mountain and slowly going upwards, you can see many stone monuments left by ancient literati and monks and believers after visiting and admiring the Buddha.
Further up, there is Lingyun Temple, which is a temple almost as old as the Buddha, the temple is not big, but the incense is very strong.
If you look at Leshan Buddha from above the river, it is very spectacular and majestic. The boat will stay in front of the Leshan Buddha for about 10 minutes so that everyone is free to take pictures and videos.

6. Mo Shi Park

Mo Shi Park’s scenic spot is located in the town of Bami, south of Dafu County, the natural geography of the northern end of the Daxue Mountain Range of the Hengduan Mountain System. People usually call the scenic spot Bami stone forest.
Stepping into the exotic Mo Shi Park is like breaking into the land of alien planets, as the only highland rock forest landscape in China. Every time you move forward, there is always a different surprise hidden.
Mo Shi Park
In Mo Shi Park, whether you stand on the roadside and look at it from afar, or walk to the high place of the mountain and look down, the stone forest here, like a convergence of peaks, is like a bonsai crafted by craftsmen, and like a cap of Chinese ink painting leaping on the paper, everything is natural.

7. Ancient City of Langzhong

Langzhong Ancient City is the only well-preserved ancient city in Sichuan Province and one of the most well-preserved ancient cities in China. The well-preserved ancient people’s houses, temples, pavilions, and rock carvings from the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties constitute the unique tourism resources and rich cultural connotations of Langzhong.
Ancient City of Langzhong
Walking in the streets of the ancient city is like traveling to ancient times. The local architecture and various items with ancient characteristics remind us that this is an ancient city with a thousand years of history, and it is easy to make people feel like they are there.

8. Huanglong Scenic Area

Huanglong has “Four Wonders”, that is, colorful ponds, snow-capped mountains, canyons, forests, plus beach streams, ancient temples, and folk customs, which are called “Seven Wonders”.
Huanglong Scenic Area is a scenic spot famous for its magically beautiful calcification pools. Many calcified pools in the scenic spot are crystal clear, colorful, and very beautiful. There are many natural landscapes in the scenic area, such as forests, valleys, snow-capped mountains, waterfalls, etc., which are called “Jade Pool on Earth”.
Huanglong Scenic Area
To go to Huanglong Scenic Spot, you can take the cable car or walk the whole journey. However, the cable car and the walking path are not together. The best views are built along the walking path, and the cable car is on the back of the mountain in order not to affect the overall beauty. If you don’t want to walk, you will miss a lot of beautiful scenery.

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